Small Titan Plant Installation, Yorkshire Dales National Park

This installation in Ingleton was for a new development of a small row of terraced houses. The Titan plant was selected as the site was short on available space and this gave us the most compact plant available for this particular set of requirements. The treated effluent was released to soak away above on the hillside, so a compact pumping station was placed alongside the treatment plant (the green tank in the final picture) to lift the effluent.

The treatment plant itself is located in the lowest part of the site with convenient access from the road to facilitate a gravity feed from the houses, as well as allowing straightforward desludging of the system by tanker as required.

This site presented the challenges of a small physical space to work with, the location on limestone pavement within the National Park and an abundance of small streams and springs that needed to be re-routed to satisfy the Environment Agency.

Burnham Biodigester Installation, Lake District National Park

This installation was on a renovation property near Coniston in the Lake District National Park. The site itself had plenty of space, but location of the plant was critical to facilitate desludging by tanker, and to fit in with the existing services that were in place. The outflow was to a minimal filterbed, and then on to a watercourse. The level of treatment had to be very high since this site was within an SSSI.

Pumping Station and Biodigester, Lake District National Park

This installation just outside Ambleside in the Lake District National Park was part of a renovation of an old cottage being converted for use as holiday accommodation. The existing drainage was to septic tank discharging to the river, which was completely unacceptable to the Environment Agency. Due to limited space below the property we installed a pumping chamber at the lowest available part of the site, fed from the house by gravity. This pumped the material up to the treatment plant above the house in the large rear garden. Due to the poor porosity of the ground a raised bed was built to take the treated effluent.